Freedom feels better

Freedom feels like Peace in the midst of temptation. Temptation to give up. Temptation to give in. Temptation to complain. Temptation to dwell on fear. As tempting as the voices are to entertain.. peace draws near. As hard as it may be to bare all the weight, we collapse on our face and give it to God as he provides the way to salvation.

Salvation from us. Salvation from them. Salvation from failure. Salvation from low-self-esteem. Salvation from death and destruction. Salvation from all bondage that would attempt to keep me here.

Peace is feeling it all fall off as I am sustained by love. Sustained by the identity given and received by a child-like faith. In this grace I can be a child once again.. confident in who I belong to. And that I’ll never be abandoned. Who am i fighting against? Who am i fighting for? Who do I prove myself to?

No one, my only mission is pleasing my Father by faith and raising my family well.

Freedom.. Salvation… feels so good.



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