Buildings / Places


Amphitheater – magnification; being heard

Atrium – light & growth from heaven

Auto Repair Shop – ministry restoration, renewal & repair

Back Porch – history; past

Barn/warehouse – a place of provision & storage

Bethel - positive: place of dreams, house of God, gate of Heaven, angelic encounters, Heaven touching earth; negative: idolatry of the golden calf (Amos 5:5)

Castle – authority, fortress, royal residence


Caverns / Cave (systems) / Tunnels - has to do with the issues of the heart. Hidden feelings, thoughts, the hidden places of the heart. Things that may have remained undealt with. Areas of your life that are untouched, unsearched, unrevealed. It also has to do with the level of faith in your heart. When going deeper in God, it requires deeper vulnerability in the parts of your heart you don’t want everyone to see.


Country General Store – provision; basics, staples

Elevator – changing position; going up in the spiritual realm, elevated; going down in demotion, trial; backsliding

Farm – place of provision

Foundation – important foundational issues; established; stable or unstable (depending on the context); the gospel; sound doctrine; church government

Front Porch – vision; future

Garage – place to rest & refresh; place of protection; covering for ministries or people

Garden – a person’s heart; love; intimacy; growth

Gas Station – receiving power; refilling or fueling of the Spirit; empowering

Hallway – transition that is usually direct or without deviation

High-rise Building – high spiritual calling or high spiritual perspective

Hospital – place of healing, healing anointing

House – person, family; ministry; church

Previous / Old Home – past; inheritance; memory; revisiting old issues

Buying, or living in, the house of a known person in the ministry – similar calling or gifting

Two-story House – double anointing

Hotel – transition; temporary; place to relax or receive

Jail / Prison – bondage; rebellion; addiction

Prisoners – lost souls; persecuted saints

Library – learning; knowledge; research

Mall – market place; provision for all your needs in 1 place; Negative – self centeredness; materialism

Mobile Home / Trailer House – temporary place, condition or relationship; movement, easily movable; poverty

Mountain – place of encountering God; obstacle; difficulty; challenge; Kingdom, nation

Office building – getting things accomplished; productivity

Park – rest, peace; leisure; God’s blessing; vagrancy

Roof – spiritual covering

School / Classroom – training period; a place of teaching; teaching ministry; teaching anointing

Shack – poverty

Stadium – place of tremendous impact

Staircase – up: promotion; down: demotion, backsliding, failure; heavenly portal; up or down in the spirit and anointing; steps that need to be taken

Swimming Pool – place of spiritual refreshing; a place of God’s Spirit; immersed in God; dirty water can indicate spiritual pollution, corruption or backslidden condition

Tent – temporary place of rest; meeting place with God

Theater – on display, visible; going to be shown something; clarity; spiritual sight; fleshly lust

Windows – vision; letting light in, spiritual sight, opportunity (as in an “open window of opportunity”)

Zoo – strange; chaos; commotion; very busy place; noisy strife