Apples – spiritual fruit; temptation; something precious like the apple of God’s eyes

Bread – Jesus Christ (as in the “bread of life”); Word of God; source of nourishment; God’s provision

Grapes – fruitfulness; success in life; evidence of being connected to Christ (as in John 15)

Honey – sweet; strength; wisdom; Spirit of God; the abiding anointing; the sweet Word of our Lord; the best of the land, abundance

Lemons – sour; a poor sport

Manna – God’s miraculous provision; something coming directly from God; glory of God; bread of life

Meat – something meant for the spiritually mature; depth in God’s word

Milk – good nourishment; elementary teaching

Pears – long life; pear trees have long life; enduring much without complaining

Pumpkin – Positive: change of the seasons; harvest time; symbol of affection (as in “You are my little pumpkin”); Negative: witchcraft; deception; snare; witch; trick (as in Halloween “trick or treat”)

Strawberries – goodness, excellence in nature & virtue; healing; sweet & very humble

Tomato – kindness, the heart of God; big hearted; generous

Water – Holy Spirit; refreshing; Word of God; spiritual life

Wine – Positive: working of the Spirit of God; move of God; Negative: drunkenness; love of the world