Pregnancy – in process of reproducing; preparatory stage; promise of God; Word of God as seed;  prophetic word; desire, anticipation, expectancy; purposes of God preparing to come forth

Miscarriage – losing something at the preparatory stage, whether good or bad; plans aborted

Repeating activities – God establishing a matter or issue; repeating because you are not listening

Flying – call or ability of move in the higher things of God; understanding the spirit realm of God

Life seasons – may include former places you have been/lived, and/or former schools, tests, jobs, etc. Reflect on the significance of that season.

Kiss – coming into agreement; covenant; seductive process; enticement; deception, betrayal; betrayal from a trusted friend

Christmas – gifts; season of rejoicing; spiritual gifts; surprise; good will; benevolence; commercialism

Choking – hindrance; difficulty in accepting something (as in “the news was hard to swallow”); hatred or anger (as in “I could choke her right now”); unfruitful (as in the weeds growing up and choking the plants)

Chewing – thinking on something (as in, “need to chew on that”), meditating; receiving wisdom & understanding

Difficulty Chewing – hard saying; difficulty receiving something

Running – faith; perseverance; working out one’s salvation; moving forward with purpose

Swimming – living in the Spirit; moving in the things of the Spirit; operating in the gifts of the Spirit