Crown – symbol of authority, to reign; seal of power; Jesus Christ; honor, reward

Television – spiritual sight & understanding; entertainment; fleshly cravings & desires; fleshly spirit; love of the world

Microphone – influence; ministry; authority; being heard

Microwave – impatience; quick work; convenient; sudden

Mirror – God’s Word; a person’s heart; vanity

Money – gain or loss of favor; power; provision; wealth; spiritual riches; authority; strength of man; covetousness; greed

Check – favor

Credit Card – presumption; lack of trust; attempting to walk in something that you don’t have yet; debt

Trees – leaders; mature believers; steady

Fruited Trees – healing

Gate – spiritual authority; entrance point for good or evil

Key – spiritual authority; wisdom; understanding; ability; Jesus

Ladder – ascending or descending; promotion or demotion; going higher into the things of God; portal of heavenly activity (as in Jacobs ladder had angels ascending and descending)