Baby – new ministry or responsibility that has recently been birthed; new beginning; new idea; dependent, helpless; innocent; sin

Bride – Christ’s church; covenant, relationship

Carpenter – Jesus; someone who makes or mends things; building something spiritually or naturally; preacher

Giant – Positive: godly men (as in “a giant of the faith”); strong; conquer; Negative: demons; a force standing against you, defilement (as in the Philistine Giant Goliath)

Harlot / Prostitute – a tempting situation; appealing to your flesh; worldly desire;  a demon; spirit of lust; spiritual apostasy

Hijacker – enemy wanting to take control of you or a situation

Husband – Jesus Christ; actual person

Lawyer – Positive: Jesus Christ, our advocate; mediator; Negative: Satan, the accuser of the brethren; legalism

Mob – false accusation

Policemen – authority for good or evil; protector; spiritual authority

Prisoner – a lost soul

Shepherd – Jesus Christ; pastor, leader (good or bad); selfless person; protector

Twins – Positive: double blessing or anointing; Negative: double trouble