Rooms or Buildings

Attic – mind, thought; history; past issues; family history; spiritual realm, things dormant that could eventually come alive

Back Room - This could represent what ever is in the back of your mind / subconscious. Context is everything. A back room, if near exits can be a place where limited time is spent. It is not the most intimate place in the house, its not deep in the center of the house. It can also be a place to work on things. (things you want to get done in the back of your mind throughout the day). Whether it just be unwinding or actually finishing up projects.

Basement – hidden; forgotten; hidden issues; foundation; basics, things stored, (asking what condition is the basement in could reveal things)

Bathroom – spiritual cleansing; prayer of repentance; confession of sins to another person

Bathroom in full view – humbling season; others aware of cleansing; transparency

Bedroom – intimacy; rest; privacy; peace; covenant (as in marriage)

Dining Room/Eating – partaking of spiritual food; fellowship

Kitchen – heart (as in the “kitchen is the heart of the home”); spiritual preparation; going deep in the Word; spiritual food & feasting

Restaurant kitchen – teaching ministry; greater influence or impact; preparing to serve people the Word

Secret Room - could be a call to get alone with God (secret place).

If a hidden place (secret passage way as a means of escape) no one else knows about, it could be like Proverbs 18:10 "the name of the LORD is a strong tower, the righteous run in and are safe." God is our safe-retreat, run into Him and invoke the name of the LORD against the enemy. Don't run into hidden sins for soothing, run to God Himself.

Skylight Window - seeing through a skylight can represent “the ability to wonder and dream with God.” It can represent one’s longing for wisdom and enlightenment. 

Window - seeing through a window can represent one’s ability to “see through” to another reality regarding certain situations or scenarios.