Types of Dreams


There are many dream types. One of the best resources is found HERE

I'm only giving a few key "dream types" but in the link above is 20 categories of dreams. I highly recommend it. My website is not endorsed by John Paul Jackson's STREAMS MINISTRIES but it is where I am a student and I will continue to recommend its resources. The ministry has blessed my life tremendously and I know it will bless you as well. Below you will see a small glimpse of different kind of dreams to help you navigate through your night visions. If you are looking for an online community where you can share dreams and questions regarding various Bible topics.. click here: DISCORD



Courage Dreams - these dreams build you up and strengthen you. In these kind of dreams you might see vibrant colors or the dream might seem very real and lively. Courage dreams will give you a feeling that God is for you and remind you that He is with you. It may emphasize an area of weakness but show you performing it with ease. Courage dreams are often fueled by pressing into the LORD. They can at times show superpowers which can reveal God given you supernatural courage to accomplish or face something in the natural. 


Direction Dreams - these dreams include wisdom from heaven. They can provide new paths for you to take. They can let you know when you are off track and put you back on the right way you should go. They can also warn you and give you direction to avoid harm and provide a place of safety.