Earthquake – upheaval; change (by crisis); God’s judgment, disaster; trauma, shaking; shock

Fog – clouded issues or thoughts; uncertainty; confusion; temporary

Hail – judgment; destruction; bombardment

Ice/Ice Storm – hard saying; slippery; dangerous

Rain – blessing; cleansing (clear rain); trouble from enemy (dirty rain)

Snow – blessing; refreshing; righteousness; purity; grace (Isaiah 55:10-11a)

Dirty Snow – impure

Snow Drift – barrier; hindrance; opposition

Snow Blizzard – inability to see; storm that blinds you or obstructs your vision

Storms – disturbance; change; spiritual warfare; judgment; sudden calamity or destruction; turbulent times; trial; opposition

White Storm – God’s power; revival, outpouring of the Holy Spirit

Tornadoes – destruction, danger; judgment; drastic change; winds of change (negative or positive depending on the color of the tornadoes)

Wind – change (as in “winds of change are blowing”); Positive: Holy Spirit; Negative: adversity