“Knocking” (recorded with iPhone) • ALL LINKS

List of Links for "Knocking" which was recorded on my iphone (I had no other way to record at the time and just wanted to do a song so bad) It comes from the scripture Genesis 4:7 (sin knocks/waits at the door) but refers to my own spiritual journey as it pertains to growing in God. (JESUS ALSO KNOCKS ON THE DOOR OF YOUR HEART) and when he does.. the enemy will also try to come against you to get in the way in attempts to get you off track, especially through people. Only Answer for the King of your Heart!


“KNOCKING” on Spotify

“Knocking” on Apple

“knocking” on Tidal


 “Knocking” on YouTube 

full playlist on Spotify (for ryan Birk/Jezreel music):

PERTAINING 2 GODLINESS (identity playlist):




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