Day 37 - What is Holiness

DAY 37


Exodus 13-15

Psalm 114


Below you will find each audible version over beats, visuals and "helpful tools." At the very bottom you will see a "read & rant episode"


Exodus 13 (NASB)

Exodus 13 on Streetlights


Exodus 14 (NASB)

Exodus 14 on Streetlights



Exodus 15 (NASB)

Exodus 15 on Streetlights



Psalm 114 (NASB)

Psalm 114 on Streetlights



Helpful Tools

Thematic Repetition (bible project blog)

What is Holines (derek prince)

Hearing God’s Voice - Derek Prince

God’s Word Heals - Derek Prince

Pagan and Sacred ritual - Jordan Peterson

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