Day 4 - Healthy Confrontation



Genesis 7-8

Ephesians 4


Below you will find each audible version over beats, visuals and "helpful tools." At the very bottom you will see a "read & rant episode"


Genesis 7 (NASB)

Genesis 8 (NASB)

Ephesians 4 (NASB)


Helpful Tools

Healthy Confrontation (Mike Signorelli)

Fallen Angels - Grace Digital




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  • I’m going to tell u about the collective being manifested today as I was listening to a friend she literally brought up Noah . I tear up and I open this app and play the first video and she’s so amazed and says where did u find that!!!! I need to hear the word on my way in from work so yep I shared this and the FB page with her to join! Be blessed and no that this platform is growing!


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