Day Five - majestic creator

DAY Five


Psalm 8

Genesis 9-10

Ephesians 5


Psalms 8 (NASB)

Psalm 8 (audible) on Streetlights:



PSALM 8 (visual) on The Bible Project:


Genesis 9 (NASB)

Genesis 9 (audible) on Streetlights:




 Genesis 10 (NASB)

Genesis 10 (audible) on Streetlights:


Genesis 10 (visual) on InspiringPhilosophy:



 Ephesians 5 (NASB)

Ephesians 5 (audible) on Streetlights:



Ephesians 5 (commentary) on Spoken Gospel:



Helpful Tools

Wake up o sleeper (song)

Under Judgement - Streetlights

Leading your Wife - with the Perry’s (Clip)

Headship - with the Perry’s (full podcast video)

Trust your Wife - with the Perry’s (Clip)

The writing process (songs and hymns)

Exposing darkness - streetlights

Majestic Creator - streetlights

Meat Eaters? Inspiring Philosophy

Read & Rant - Gen.6-10

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