I am praying that everyone who invests in this book grows tremendously in their identity in Christ! If you can relate to any of the questions or statements below, then this book might be for you! This will be worth investing in! I will be making an announcement once the book is ready, printed and published!

IDENTITY (truth that sets you free)

How do you see yourself? What defines you? And what is your purpose on this earth? These are all important questions. Your life will reflect your perception of it. Your life will also reflect how you view yourself. How you see a thing is how you will treat it. If you see your life as valuable, then you will take care of it. If you don’t see value in yourself then you will live hopelessly and go through life aimlessly. Many people die without ever really tasting life. Most of us learn how to survive, but never really know how to truly live. And the people we tend to look to for guidance can sometimes let us down. No one is perfect. And some of us go our whole lives working towards perfection. It is a tireless and exhausting road to walk on. And in the end, what is perfection anyway? Meanwhile, most of us are not trying to be perfect. We are just seeking to find a sense of purpose. The problem is, that sense of purpose may never come if we never learn how to live on purpose. And some of us are waiting for our moment. Yet, instead of taking advantage of every moment. We sometimes take for granted the moments we have been given. I am sure you have heard the saying: "we are on borrowed time." There is truth to that saying. Time is something we will never get back. And even though the past is constantly leaving us like a vapor, in some way, it somehow sticks with us for the rest of time.  I know that might sound poetic and a little vague, but bear with me. Each day of our lives are important. Every choice we make is a decision that sends us closer to our destiny. So we must be wise. And in order to be wise, we must get to know the one who gives wisdom liberally. You might know where I am going with this. True wisdom comes from God. And in these times, we need wisdom more than ever.