5 Key's to building a strong foundation for your Home

Just a couple of tips for building a healthy household. :)

God is restoring families. Two parent house-holds are on the rise! That is exciting news. I pray that it keeps getting better and better. In the midst of these times where countless ideas and concepts are being introduced to individuals at such a young age. God still remains the same and has a model that works when actually worked and practiced! I want to see you win! Here are FIVE QUICK TIPS for building your family! Love you all!




Your dreams, your impact, your legacy, it all starts from within before it can reach those who are "without." If you are single, I highly recommend preparing yourself for your future. Find out what you value and what you want out of life. Keep your dreams before you, don't let them become abstract. Keep your goals in mind. Rather than just hoping the person you end up with has all the qualities you desire in a partner, make time to work on your own strengths and weaknesses. Be the person your future spouse hopes to have. Some people think that when they get married, all of their problems will go away, or at least the majority of them. The truth is, what you struggle with now will most likely just end up pouring into your marriage. And what you don't face today can very well become what your kids struggle with tomorrow.



Discipline is doing what you don't want to do, when you don't feel like doing it, simply because it needs to be done. If everyone "felt" like having a perfectly sculpted body, then everyone would be in the gym with no excuses. But who wants to exhaust all of their energy every day? You have to look at the bigger picture. When you commit to God, serving others becomes easier. Don't be selfish and don't be rebellious. Often times the way we respond to people is just a reflection of our relationship with God. 



We always hear about the scripture that says "wives submit to your husbands." And then lay the hammer fist down as if it actually pleases God. The Scripture we don't hear as much is found in the verse prior (Ephesians 5:21). It says: "Submitting yourselves one to another in the fear of God." We are supposed to work together as a team. Yes, the husband is the head of the household, but that does not make the wife lesser. There are simply different roles. And the husband should also listen to the wife. If he loves her, he will hold her opinions as being valuable too. You cannot neglect each other. Continue to date each other no matter how long you have already been together. We would not want to quit spending quality time with God just because we've been going to church for years, right? Then why do couples start to neglect each other as they grow older. If you are really seeking God together, then you should both be growing together as the years go on, not apart. 



Make it a daily habit. This key is essential for anyone, especially those who are doing life together. Don't just pray as a chore, don't just pray out of obligation, pray out of compassion for each other! Let your children see you praying together! They should grow up seeing that praying is a normal life practice. Its not weird but it is cool to pray! 



Its easy to get frustrated while living with anyone, whether it be a roommate or a spouse. But anytime you feel tension, ask the Holy Spirit to guide you with the right words and with a heart to see and hear where they are coming from so that you can handle each situation accordingly. Listen to each other, simply to listen. Don't listen just to figure out what you will say next, be present! Each of you come from a different background, different culture and probably have different perspectives and expectations, talk about them! Be vulnerable. Be willing to grow. And be patient! Its also good to know where someone is going in life. What are their dreams? What are their gifts? And ask yourself if you share similar passions. And can you work together for a common goal? Hopefully the first goal of wanting to grow closer to God has already been settled. But finding out how each of you will server God throughout various seasons of life is important too. Your spouse is your best accountability partner and support system!




 Written by: Ryan P. Birk

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