BOOK - Identity - Truth that sets you free

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Ryan goes over the topic of Biblical Sonship. Through experience in the word and in life, he takes us on a mental and spiritual journey of faith. Life isn’t merely a physical journey. And faith isn’t merely a theological one. It isn’t enough for us to gather information. It isn’t enough to simply have head-knowledge. God wants our hearts. Plenty of us have not gotten to where we want to go in life. Many of us will never obtain the sense of reward that we are looking for until we fully surrender to the Most High. When we encounter God for ourselves, we can’t help but to be changed forever. Once that transformation takes place, we will finally begin to see our worlds change too. 

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This Book is first and foremost dedicated to my wife Eboni Birk. I originally wrote this book in 2015. I have since re-formatted it and pretty much re-wrote most of it. When I originally wrote it, I was going through a difficult time. Eboni was probably the only person who would genuinely call me just to check on me. She would call me with an intuition in the Spirit that I needed some encouragement and she would pray for me and lift me up. I am not sure where I would be right now if it wasn’t for her. When I first wrote this book, I was working third-shift at the local hospital and just printed out as many copies as I could and stapled them together. I took the book and passed it around to random people on the southside of Evansville, Indiana. I also handed it to a few family and friends. I also gave it to a few people at my local church that I attended (Church of the Harvest). One of the people in particular that I gave it to was Eboni. At the time, she was just a good friend of mine. Secondly, this is dedicated to my son, Emanuel. This book is basically a collective of thought. I wrote it as I was making my way out of a difficult season. My hope is that one day, this book will help my son when he gets older. And that it will also help the rest of my family in the future.


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