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"Truth that Sets You Free"


what's up everybody it's your boy Ryan
AKA Jezreel welcome to the first
episode this episode is called season of friction
producing greatness and don't forget to check out my book
identity truth that set you free and don't forget to check out the music


what's up everybody this is for my friends that are in a season where it's not all that comfortable during a difficult season or just simply put you're not where you want to be but looking back sometimes those are the best seasons we just don't know it it just depends how you use it

it's not exactly about being in the wilderness if you feel like you're in the wilderness and you're waiting to finally enter into the promised land it's not just that you're in the wilderness and you'll get to the promised land it's about how intentional you are about how you treat the Wilderness experience the way you treat your Seasons it determines if you even enter into the promise (hebrews 4) the place that you wish you were right now it's not just about as difficult as how how you handle is how you Steward because the Israelites the generation that escaped Egypt they didn't make it into the promised land they didn't handle it right they had literal food from Heaven (Exodus 16)

they didn't handle it right you can have so much in front of you and not handle it right and be mad at God later for where you end up but if you handle it the right way

I talked about this with my wife

compare the Wilderness and the way the Israelites handled it compared to how David entered it when he walked through the shadow with the Valley of the shadow of death (Psalm 23:4) that place that he referred to as a literal place in Israel and when he walked through that place he said I shall fear no evil because I know where my shepherd is taking me so why shall I be stuck on what's in the here and now when he knows what's before me (Deuteronomy 31:8) and he goes before me and I follow him are you

following God in the season that you're because when you know that in the end it's still waters and Green Pastures (Psalm 23)

how can you complain

you're going to be in a place where you're trusting God and blessed to see you trust in the Lord God (Jeremiah 17:7-8) and does not turn to Mischief or even in the counsel of the wicked (Psalm 1:1) because he shall be like a tree planted by the river whose Leaf doesn't wither (Psalm 1:3)

so how are you handling this season because I'm not in a comfortable season
some of my friends from Indiana they think just because I'm in Florida means

you know

there's still there's still trials there's still things to work to but you know I rejoice in that (James 1:2) because in a place of holy discontentment and a place of uncomfortability it produces greatness it produces so much right now

listening to all I'm I've never felt like the quality of my music has matched
the skill level that I have and I can't wait for the turnaround I can't wait to be able to hit the people up that I've always wanted to work with I can't wait for my sound to sound like how it sounds in here can't wait for that and I know God's gonna do it and I'm trusting him see some people they get mad at folks who talk about the Breakthrough or they talk about you know people that are that are pursuing the good things like as if it's bad word we have such a poverty mentality that and we we're so used to that we don't even look up to the mountain the Israelites they didn't want to go onto the mountain with Moses they didn't want to go up with them fear and you think when he went up to the mountain that they were turning to God while that was still down at the bottom

nah they got weary

it's those that wait on the Lord who renew their strength (Isaiah 40:31) so you could be who renew their strength so you could be waiting and because you have a humble life you think that you're waiting some people are waiting in vain it's when you wait on a lord when you no matter what place you're in whether good or bad you're waiting on the Lord that's what counts that's what matters that's what determines your end from your beginning it's not about just waiting because some people ain't pursuing the kingdom first (Matthew 6:33) so they get mad at the people who are seeing those things that that shall be added unto them because they've received blessings because they've treated their situations right and I know I know that some people aren't necessarily you know about the right that's facts but that doesn't mean that God doesn't have good things for us

because why would God withhold any good thing from us (Psalm 84:11) you know what I mean if you're really trusting in God then how can you complain

it's all about trust in the Lord and the best place to do that is when things ain't perfect now when you're not where you want to be you don't want to wake up 20 years and realize I'm still where I was 20 years ago

we ain't got time for that ain't no time for that I got a holy discontentment not just for my situation but for what I'm seeing as well we gotta adapt if you don't adapt you don't survive or at least you don't Thrive some people are surviving but they ain't living I refuse to be that so I'm just saying sometimes when you're willing to take risks and you're willing to be uncomfortable for a season that payoff is Big it's a high risk High reward type of situation you know when I first got saved I knew that I couldn't be in a relationship for a while and that was weird for me it was weird for me not to have sex every day and I went years and it's a huge payoff

I'm telling you when you're willing to be single it's uncomfortable because you have no one to go to you have to learn how to trust God in those single situations those single Seasons you have to learn how to trust them because he's the one you go to he's the one you run to he's your high tower you run in and you are safe I had times where now none of my friends picked up the phone ever but God spoke to me and said look there's a reason for that you see there's purpose in your pain there's purpose in each season in each situation just because things ain't going to what you want it doesn't mean you can't make use of it or it doesn't see we want


I had to learn how to turn to God I had and when I started to get around people who who didn't experience that where they didn't have I'm all alone and all I have is me and God in my cave season the second someone didn't answer the phone I hear about it week after week man this person never answered the phone I'll try to get to them and and now they're now they start blaming the person that didn't answer the phone for their own sin because if you would answer the phone I would that's like bro they got families we all have lives out here are you turning to God or are you just murmuring complaining grumbling are you just negative that's how you handle your situation when you if you could Rejoice Before the Breakthrough how much greater is the Breakthrough gonna be than where you are right now so I'm just I'm just here to encourage you because I'm in the midst of it as well

but I know on the other side of this Valley at the end of this this path that I'm on as you see Jesus was led by the spirit Into the Wilderness to be tempted (Matthew 4:1) and because he handled that correctly it says he left in the power of the spirit (Luke 4:14) he was led into the Wilderness by the spirit he left empowered by the spirit at the start of his ministry if you're wondering like God why you never use me just we gotta check ourselves and we can't blame nobody else for Where We Are we just got to look to God that's crucial this world is changing things are changing people are changing things are always changing but he always and that's why my hope isn't a because I know the only thing the only one that never changes and that's where my Foundation is and it it gets hard I promise it does

for me anybody preaching I don't care who they are how strong they think they are my strength is in God and I just want to encourage everyone listening to place their hoping God no matter what things look like because they don't look too big for him one more thing see right now you might be going through a rough time it might be friction I told my wife when we first got married you know when we argue yeah we don't like it but at the same time we're smoothing out you can't smooth in a rock without friction when David chose the rock that he was going to use to slake alive he had to pick he had a hand pick and choose the rocks that were right he didn't pick the ones that wasn't finna swing good he went by the river he went
by the river he went by the river and he hand-picked the good rocks the ones that were smoothing so he can sling that thing with the right kind of force and right kind of trajectory whatever you want to call it but a rock by a river it isn't smooth starting out it takes a very long time of friction from the water hitting it to smoothing out without friction you think God's Gonna hand shoes us you got a giant in front of you you got a big mountain in front of you whatever it is in front of you David David could have had a small rock that killed Goliath it didn't matter the size of it he had a he hand-picked those rocks though just how God handpicks us but if you're if you're too worried about avoiding certain things and just trying to be comfortable you just want to be safe you just want to now you just trusted in yourself you lean into your own understanding and you're not willing to go through the season of friction to smoothen out I want God to choose me but first he has to work in me before he works through me that's just me see some people some people live wild and they still want to preach that's just not me I just can't I just can't

I gotta be right inside otherwise that's just not gonna work you know and God has a high requirement for us it requires truth in the inward parts and that's all I want all I want is Holiness all I want is truth all I want is authenticity and I know a lot of us even in my generation we want the same thing we're looking for the same thing so don't fret don't grow weary and you're looking forward and you're like I can't wait for this I can't wait for that or maybe you don't even think that way no more what would you do if everything was perfect and money wasn't an option

write those things down make a plane cause we serve the god of the universe The God Who created the universe we don't served the university created it How great is the riches in Glory How great is the inheritance just trusting him don't look to the rider left Look to Him and you know during these Seasons the way that the what makes her break you is that you're not just looking like I'm not just like I can't wait for the Green Pastures it's like I can't wait to get in the presence of God daily because just like the Israelites the thing that they didn't get was when they got that food from Heaven that Manna From Heaven they weren't allowed to store it they weren't allowed to take it from yesterday and save it for the next day they had to literally trust in God daily and that's one thing that's hard for us we can't live off of yesterday's faith we can't try to Stir It Up like that we have to live our faith today but we have to seek his face today when he is your exceedingly great today when he is your exceedingly great reward and who could be a guest

when God becomes your focus (Psalm 37:4) and you're what else matters see you see Joy is different than see you see Joy is different than happiness happiness can be circumstantial but joy is like it's like the difference between weather and climate your climate could be full of joy you could have joy like a river it joy you could have joy like a river it don't matter what's going on why because you can you can Rejoice before you even see the full breakthrough that's that's what that's where we need all right I didn't want to go this long

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