Airplane – (size & type of plane correlates to the interpretation) prophetic ministry; going to heights in the Spirit; new & higher understanding

Armored Car – protection of God

Automobile – personal ministry or job

Bicycle – individual ministry or calling requiring perseverance

Bus – church or ministry

Chariot – major spiritual encounter

Coal Car – on track; being directed by the Lord

Convertible – open heaven in your personal ministry or job

Fire Truck – rescue; putting out fires of destruction

Fred Flintstone Car – human effort

Hang glider – going somewhere in the Spirit; driven by the wind of the spirit

Helicopter – mobile, flexible, able to get in Spirit quickly

Limousine – Positive: being taken to your destiny in style; Negative: materialism

Mickey Mouse Car – purpose is colorful & entertaining

Mini Van – family

Motorcycle – fast; powerful; maneuverable

Moving Van – transition; change

Ocean Liner – impacting large numbers of people

Riverboat – slow, but impacting many people

Rollercoaster – Positive: a wild ride that God is directing, exciting, but temporary; Negative: a path of destruction that first appears exciting; an emotional trying time with ups and downs

Sailboats – powered by wind of the Spirit

Semi-truck – transporting great quantity of goods

Spaceship – to the outer limits, spiritually speaking

Speedboat – fast, exciting, power in the Spirit

Submarine – undercover and active, but not seen by many; a behind the scenes ministry, hidden ministry

Subway – undercover and active, but not seen by many; a behind the scenes ministry, hidden ministry

Stagecoach – rough, difficult ride; old way of doing something (good or bad)

Taxi Cab – a shepherd or hireling for someone (driving); paying the price to get where you are going (passenger)

Tow Truck – ministry of helps; gathering the wounded

Tractor – slow power; may speak about a need to plow

Train – a movement of God; denomination

Truck – ability to transport or deliver

Tugboat – providing assistance; ministry of helps