Day 116 - Shiloh

DAY 116



Joshua 16-18

Proverbs 26


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Joshua 16 (NASB)

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Joshua 17 (NASB)

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Joshua 18 (NASB)

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Proverbs 26 (NASB)

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Helpful Tools

Shilohs Tabernacle (Sergio & Rhoda)

Shiloh Overview (holylandsite)

Home of the Tabernacle (the west institute)





Facts about Shiloh:

1. Shiloh was the religious and military capital of Israel during the times of the Judges, and the tabernacle resided here for 369 years.

2. It was the first place where the tabernacle became a permanent structure.

3. Two million Jews would gather at Shiloh on the main festivals and would camp on the surrounding hills.

4. The Ark of the Covenant resided here within the tabernacle. The ark contained the following 3 items:

  • Tablets of the 10 Commandments.

  • Aaron’s staff, or rod that budded.

  • Jar of Manna


5. During the Byzantine Period, at least three churches were built to commemorate Shiloh.

6. The first Byzantine church dates to around 386 AD. It is likely this church was built over the ruins of an ancient synagogue. 

On the mosaic floor at the entrance of this church is an impressive inscription stating: “Lord Jesus Christ, have pity on Shiloh and its inhabitants. Amen.” This is one of the ways we know this place is the authentic Shiloh.

7. On top of the first Byzantine church, a reconstructed 6th-century Byzantine church was built.

8. Southeast of the northern churches, there is another 6th-century Byzantine church called the Basilica Church. 

A Danish team in the 1930s added the building over the southeastern 6th-century Byzantine church base seen today.

9. A Mosque was built on the west side of the ruins of the first two 4th-century Byzantine churches and named Jamia el Arbain.





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