Day 2 - The Fall



Genesis 3-4

Ephesians 2


Below you will find each audible version over beats, visuals and "helpful tools." At the very bottom you will see a "read & rant episode"

Genesis 3 (NASB)

  Genesis 4 (NASB)

 Ephesians 2 (NASB)

Helpful Tools

The Great Deception - Flame (song)

Genesis 3 by Spoken Gospel

When Adam bombed - Stefanotto (song)

The Good News Proclamation (Ruslan)

Knocking (song)

New Covenant Prophet (and the Apostolic) - Isaac Watson

Redeemer - Streelights

Ephesians part 1 by Isaiah Saldivar

The Writing on our Hearts - Streetlights

Ephesians 2 by Tim Macke 

Inspiring Philosophy (gen.4)




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  • Highlight is the Gospel by Bizzle. Yes sir my grands will be listening to this one for sure!


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