Day 8 - The Gospels



Genesis 16-18

Matthew 2


Below you will find each audible version over beats, visuals and "helpful tools." At the very bottom you will see a "read & rant episode"


Genesis 16 (NASB)

Genesis 16 (audible) on Streetlights:



Genesis 17 (NASB)

Genesis 17 (audible) on Streetlights:


Genesis 18 (NASB)

Genesis 18 (audible) on Streetlights:


Genesis 18 (Visual) on The Bible Project:


 Matthew 2 (NASB)


Matthew 2 (audible) on Streetlights:


The Gospels (Visual) on The Bible Project:



Jesus Geneology - Spoken Gospel

Genesis 16 - Gideon Films

The Father as King - Derek Prince





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