Women Empowerment

I know a ton of strong women. In fact, I am surrounded by strong women. A lot of men are trying to figure out if there are women out there who love God and are not stuck "in the world." And there are probably even more women trying to figure out the same thing! The truth is, there are tons of women out here who are focused on leaving a strong legacy for their children's children! There are also tons of men out here living for God as well. They are not supposed to be easy to find because they are not common. They are diamonds waiting to be found! You are also a diamond. We all just need to be found and to have every spec of dirt wiped off. I am hoping that these resources will help you to live your "blessed life!" Don't be afraid to share these resources and products with your friends.


1. Michelle Mcclain-Walters



2. Legendary Woman (by Michelle Mcclain-Walters)



3. Momming With Purpose (Eboni Birk)



4. The Praying Single Mom (Lekeshia Cody)